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ATP Security – Your Personal Protection

ATP provides security services to protect individuals (bodyguards). This personal protection serves those in need of special protection, for example, because of their celebrity status, their business, their knowledge, and similar reasons; or because threats were made against them. The professional personal protection includes maintaining the subject’s freedom of movement enabling them to appear in public. In high risk areas, and where anti-terrorism measures are required, ATP Security offers personal protection services with armed security teams, as another means of improved security. Thus restricted zones may be established around the subject. This method of protection is particularly suitable for high-risk individuals.

All our employees are committed to their job and carefully trained. This includes not only the actual task of protection in public but also adjacent areas in accordance with a security concept individually tailored to the clients’ requirements, such as securing the workplace, preservation of health, detection of hazardous emission sources, techniques in close protective cover, conflict management, evacuation procedure as well as establishing and selecting safe travel routes.

Our staff is multilingual, international, well groomed, educated, courteous and fit. They can be used in various different settings (also under cover), such as at the reception, in the area of cash transport etc. Our bodyguards have military training and are experienced in operating in close quarters. They are skilful communicators, have impeccable manners, are disciplined, professional and are constantly furthering their education.


Responsibilities of the personal escort / personal security agent (bodyguard)

  • ensuring the safety of the protected person
  • discrete and prudent area protection (security services) and shielding of the target individual
  • inspection of residence for evidence of forced entry, damage to property, vandalism (alarm system, window / balcony alarm …)
  • securing the residence/property
  • 24/7 protection
  • protection at home and abroad
  • armed (personal protection), or unarmed (escort) protection
  • visible deterrent against threats
  • (armed) transport of cash and valuables
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