Protection of your property

Property protection

ATP Security discusses the security requirements with the client and analyses local conditions and pre-existing security mechanisms. Based on this analysis an individually tailored security concept is developed, which takes specific needs and wishes into account. The safety concept created by ATP is enforced on site by uniformed or plain-clothes security guards depends on client preferences and needs. Written reports of tours and patrols are logged by ATP employees, the amount of detail presented in these reports is determined by the individual client.

The presented safety concept also serves to identify potential health hazards.

Our supervisors regularly visit the place where our employees perform their services for analysis, quality assurance and possible adaptation of security concepts to new situations. 

Tasks of property protection guard service

  • access control (security check)
  • surveillance service (monitoring of properties)
  • after-hours checks on buildings or premises
  • stationary and roaming guard services
  • routine or random highly visible patrols of the premises as deterrent
  • installation of surveillance equipment
  • 24-hour surveillance in accordance with the needs of the client, with optional online access and review of surveillance videos

Through consistent action and early detection of hazardous situations ATP Security protects properties from vandalism, theft, fire, sabotage and industrial espionage. To meet the individual requirements of our clients, we offer customized solutions.

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