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Access control, doorperson and security service

ATP Security employs highly motivated, professional men and women with excellent work ethics as doorpersons. They work both in uniform and plain clothes (undercover) to protect the interests of the client/organiser.

ATP Security utilises highly qualified doorpersons, based on internal and external training combined with years of experience. The employees are available for a variety of services and operations, and are used to dealing with unexpected situations. Our areas of responsibility cover everything from small scale celebrations to major events (such as concerts, cultural festivals, sports events, street festivals, etc.). No matter what the size, type or location of the venue demands, we offer a high standard of service to ensure that our clients’ and their guests have a safe, memorable and enjoyable experience.

Depending on the size of an event and the clients’ requirements, we draw up suitable plans such as security policy, risk analysis and personnel assignments. A first-rate event security is Alpha Team Protection’s highest priority.

Tasks the doorman (bar, clubs, concerts, hospitality …)

  • applying and enforcing of house rules
  • checks on persons
  • turning people away based on the capacity of the venue or because they do not fit the organisers’ target group. (Example of selection criteria: age, style of dress (dress code), alcohol level, aggressiveness …). Doorpersons are often also needed to encourage passersby to enter the restaurant, which increases its attractiveness.
  • preventing unwanted items, such as weapons, drugs and drinks, from being taken onto the premises
  • preventing violent conflicts
  • providing of emergency first aid 

Tasks of the security staff (larger sports events, conferences …)

  • checks on persons (doorman tasks)
  • directing traffic on private property
  • controlling and keeping supply and escape routes clear
  • accompanying and directing crowd movements at major events
  • creation and surveillance of security zones
  • calming and de-escalation
  • providing information
  • providing of emergency first aid
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